New Demos

Electricity and Magnetism

Homopolar Motor (Mini Lorentz Force): Use a small AA battery, magnet, and copper winding to show the Lorentz force cause rotation.

RLC resonance: Utilizes a series bandpass and series bandstop filter to demonstrate the resonance that occurs when combining a resistor, capacitor, and inductor.

Magnetically Coupled Harmonic Oscillator: Two magnets are suspended by springs, and electromagnetically coupled as they oscillate into and out of two induction coils.

Rail Gun Demo: This demonstration showcases one of the practical applications of the Lorentz force with a small steel rod being accelerated along a track using a large current.

Driven EM Oscillator: The driven EM oscillator is a mass on a spring oscillator which is driven by electromagnetic forces. These forces are provided by magnets on the bottom of the mass, an induction coil surrounding the mass, and an AC voltage applied to the coil.


Linear Rainbow (large diffraction): Create a large projection of a rainbow onto the front of the classroom using a carbon arc lamp and linear diffraction grating.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics of diodes: Uses several arrangements of LEDs to visualize the diode in action