Physics 105: Mechanics

Text: Classical Mechanics by John Taylor

Chapter 7: Lagrange’s Equations

Coupled Pendulum The coupled pendulum connected by a spring is a demonstration with complex modes and movement that can be modeled with the Lagrangian. Seeing the different modes in action is a great way to relate the physical to the math.

Atwood and Double Atwood Machines: Both the single and double Atwood machines (like the coupled pendulum) are good demonstrations to use when discussing the Lagrangian.

Cycloid Ramp
A series of ramps demonstrating the fastest path between two points.

Chapter 10: Rotational Motion of Rigid Bodies

Motor-driven Gyroscope This demonstration is a good one to present during the lesson on rotational motion for rigid bodies. By adding and subtracting weight from the gyroscope you can see how the precession of the gyroscope will change.

Gyroscope to Measure Precession This gyroscope demonstration shows not only precession, but will also show the different nutation patterns that occur when the gyroscope is pushed off balance.