Physics Demonstration Room

  • The Demo of the Week is the "Jumping Ring" demo! This is used to demonstrate the infamous Lenz's Law, showing how electromagnetic energy can be converted to kinetic energy!

Welcome to the UCSC Physics Demonstration Room! We are located in Thimann 2, between the two Thimann lecture halls. Here you will find a collection of the physical science demonstrations that UCSC has to offer. Our website is constantly being updated, so keep checking back to see what’s new!

How it Works

First, search the website to find a demo that will fulfill your teaching needs. Demos are listed both by topic (with suggestions as to what class they could be used for) and by course name/number. If you have something specific in mind, but don’t see it explicitly listed on the site, feel free to contact us; there may not be an official page for that demo yet, or we may be able to create a demo to suit your needs.

Once you find a demo that you would like to use in your lecture, email a request to Sophia Sholtz ( detailing when and where you would like the demo to be brought. Two days, or more, of advance notice is perfect, one day’s notice will work most of the time, any less than that and we’ll see what we are able to work out! If you would like to come by the demo room to run through the demo with either Sophia or one of the student assistants, please detail when would be convenient in your email.

After the demo request is sent and confirmed, a student assistant will bring your demo to your class before the start, and pick it up after class is over.

Demo room news

UCSC emeritus Professor Peter Scott recently performed a wonderful song, “Gravity” about physics in Stephanie Bailey’s Physics 6A class in Fall 2017. You can see the video here! (Singing starts at 5:15 in the video).

Mystery Demos

Mystery demos are demos we have in the demo room, but which are still in the process of getting a page (or we don’t know exactly what they do yet). They are available for use in your classroom, and any insight onto them is welcome.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are things that may not be directly listed with our demonstrations, but can still be used at an instructor’s request.