Physics 107: Intro to Fluid Dynamics

Text: Fluid Mechanics by P.K. Kundu and I.M. Cohen

Miscellaneous Demonstrations

Heron’s Fountain
This demonstration shows the principles of pneumatics and hydraulics by creating a fountain through pressure differences in several closed containers.

Viscosity and Stoke’s Equation
In this demonstration two tubes (one filled with water and the other with glycerin) show how viscosity affects the velocity of a sinking object. Using the measured velocity and applying Stoke’s equation we can find the viscosity of the fluid through which the object is sinking.

Glycerin Machine
This demonstration shows laminar flow and can be used in discussions of reverse entropy. The glycerin machine can also be used as an analogy to implicate order in quantum theory and the nuclear “spin echo” that plays an important role in Magnetic Resonance Imaging technologies.