Physics 160: Practical Electronics

Text: The Art of Electronics, Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill

RLC Networks

RC Charge and Decay
This demo helps students visualize the time dependent behaviors exhibited by a capacitor with an AC input. It shows that when charging a capacitor in series with a resistor, the capacitor voltage will depend on the time constant \tau=RC

RL Circuit
Show students how a resistor and inductor react to square wave inputs.

RLC Resonance
Utilizes a series bandpass and series bandstop filter to demonstrate the resonance that occurs when combining a resistor, capacitor, and inductor.

Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters
This demo shows the frequency dependence of RC circuits in various configurations to form filters.


Quantum Mechanics of Diodes
Uses several arrangements of LEDs to show the useful energy conversion properties of the diode.

High VoltageĀ 

Jacob’s Ladder
Electric arcs continuously rise between two vertical conducting bars held at a large voltage (15kV).

Tesla Coils:

    • Large Tesla Coil
      Homemade 1.2 million Volt Tesla coil generates long lightning-like sparks. Stands about 5′ tall and requires previous experience or review prior to class.
    • Mini Tesla Coil
      Small tabletop version of the spark gap Tesla coil which produces inch long sparks and can light bulbs in close proximity. Requires no special knowledge or practice.