Rotational Motion

Centripetal Force Apparatus
Allows measuring the centripetal force produced by a swinging ball.

Rotating Stool, High Moment-of-Inertia Bicycle Wheel, and Dumbbells
This is an excellent series of demonstrations to show conservation of angular momentum.

Swinging Coffee Cup
Liquid remains inside the cup throughout the rotational cycle.

Bicycle Wheel Gyro
Excellent demonstration to introduce the properties of a gyroscope.

Motor-Driven Gyroscope
Slow rotating but heavy disk shows many properties of gyroscopes.

Gyro to Demonstrate Precession and Nutation
High moment of inertia bicycle wheel with counterweight on the axle shows precession.

Inclined Plane with Cylinders
Various cylinders rolling down an incline plane behave differently.

Large Funnel
Billiard balls roll around a large funnel as they are affected by a strong gravatational field, found near a black hole.