Kinematics and Dynamics

Cartesian Coordinate System
Three perpendicular meter sticks are attached to model the Cartesian coordinate system.

Coin and Feather
This demonstration reproduces Galileo’s imaginary experiment by dropping a coin and feather simultaneously in an evacuated cylinder.

Dynamic Systems — Frictionless Track
Two setups are available to demonstrate a variety of concepts including velocity, acceleration, conservation of momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions, etc.

Composition of Motions
The apparatus simultaneously drops one ball and launches a second ball horizontally to demonstrate the independence of horizontal and vertical motion.

Monkey and Hunter Demo
A blow tube is aimed at a monkey suspended from a “tree”. As a ball is shot from the tube, the monkey drops from the tree. If the tube is pointing directly at the suspended monkey, the monkey “catches” the ball.

Ball Rolling Down Inclined Plane
Galileo’s experiment showing constant acceleration.

Friction – Static and Kinetic
Demonstrates static and kinetic friction using weights and different textured surfaces.

Pulley System Dynamics