Blackboard Mechanics

Blackboard mechanics full kit

Blackboard mechanics full kit

A variety of mechanical concepts are illustrated by using different setups. Necessary parts can be magnetically attached to the blackboard.


  • 6x 1N weights
  • 2x Newton scales
  • Inclined plane with bob and protractor
  • Magnetic arrows to show forces
  • Single pulley
  • Double pulley
  • Adjustable lever balance
  • Metal block with teflon on one side
  • 2x metal wheels
  • Video camera (if necessary)



1. Friction with pulley: Attach a block to a weight on a string, observe the angle at which the block begins to slide (or the weight at which the block stops sliding).


2. Basic inclined plane: Attach a rolling cylinder to a weight on a string. Observe the effect of heavier or lighter weights.


3. System of pulleys


4. Resolution of forces into x and y components: A force is created at an angle to the horizontal via a mass on a string over a pulley. The forces can be resolved into x and y components.


5. Balancing of a lever: A long, thin, metal strip is balanced on a fulcrum by attaching different weights to different points on the strip.


Inclined planes, friction, force directions, and center of mass can all be illustrated with these demos.


  • If done in a classroom with a document camera, the camera can be angled backwards towards the blackboard, and the class will easily be able to see all of the demos.
  • Colorful braided string stays on the pulley the best
  • To balance 5N roller, use X 1N weight + 1X 20g weight (inclined plane)
  • Use 20g weight attached to thin nylon string as a plumb bob
  • Double hooked weights are 1N each