Conservation of Momentum / Conservation of Energy


Momentum Transfer
Two pendulums with elastic and inelastic bobs are released one after another. Colliding with a wooden board, they produce different effects.

Stacked Rubber Balls
A basketball ball and a small ball are stacked and dropped simultaneously. The result is surprising for students.

Conservation of Momentum — “Medicine” Ball, Sandbags and Carts
These demonstrations require the participation of students.

Swinging Wonders
An excellent example of energy conservation and elastic collisions.

Loop Track and Ball
Ball does a “loop-dee-loop” as it rolls along a track. Demonstrates conservation of energy and allows the instructor to introduce an interesting problem.

Potential Well Track
Introduces a two-level system of potential energy.

Wave-shaped Track
Designed to demonstrate energy transformation, oscillations, frictionless motion, roller coaster, etc.